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Other CUin Guides

Our passion is compiling and sharing our user friendly, on-line, Travel Destination Guides. All our CUin Destination Guides are designed to provide you with a comprehensive website, where you can discover and gather information, discover and compare products and services at your selected destination. The CUin team are constantly seeking relevant content and updating their guides with new and interesting products and services.

Our local teams gather relevant, current information and present their knowledge in a way, which we hope, is clear, well organised, concise and easy to use and navigate through. Using our CUin travel guides costs you nothing. All products including flights, hotels, car-hire, restaurants, tours and the like, are bookable at no additional costs. There are no hidden fees, booking fees, commissions or any other kind of payment to us. What you see, is what you pay.

We endeavour to present the products and services available at your destination so you can compare, select, choose and book the most suitable products and services for you. We want to make your trip, as enjoyable and memorable as possible. With our content, your planning and selection we can hopefully achieve this aim. We believe that the better you know your destination, the more you will benefit and enjoy the journey.

Currently our portfolio of CUin Destination Guides, include:

UK Airport Guides:

We cover all the London Airports in detail. A one-stop guide providing all the current information and choices for a vast range of products and services in and around the specific airports. Our guides provide an additional direct link to London to help you plan your holiday or business trip. CUin Guides offer everything you may need when travelling to or from the airport. From budget arrangements to exclusive products and services, you will find them all with us.

Heathrow Airport
Gatwick Airport
Stansted Airport
Luton Airport
London City Airport


UK City and Airport Guides:

Our City and Airport Guides provide visitors with all the relevant information you may require when travelling to your chosen destination. Our user-friendly guide provides all the current information, choices and options for a vast range of products and services. We feature everything from budget arrangements to exclusive products and services.


Other City Guides:

We have spread our wings and included two new exciting destinations outside the UK. With our expanded team we now have bases in Cape Town and Kathmandu. Using the very same consistent and popular format we have included everything you may require to plan your journey.


Country Guides:

CUin Nepal is our first country guide and it has been a wonderful experience bringing all this wonderful content together. With a CUin team based in Kathmandu we have been able to research and share the providers of this majestic country with you in the CUin Nepal Guide. We hope you enjoy our website as much as you will undoubtedly love Nepal.


Regional Guides include:

While compiling Cape Town it became evident that we needed to simultaneously capture the Cape Winelands region of South Africa. As a region, the sheer beauty and quality of products and services offered to visitors to the Western Cape is quite overwhelming. Renowned for its wine estates, the region is blessed with incredible landscapes, a fabulous region to visit and our very first regional guide.

Cape Winelands


What’s still coming?

Our CUin teams are hard at work compiling, new and exciting travel guides. Here is a proposed timetable with estimated publication dates for our forthcoming CUin Destination Guides set to be published during 2012.

CUin-Dublin30th July 2012
CUin-Cardiff30th August 2012
CUin-Manchester30th September 2012
CUin-Krakow30th October 2012
CUin-Tallinn30th November 2012